Our Teachers
Our ratio of seven children to one teacher for four year olds, and six to one for threes permits us to give a great deal of individual attention to each child and encourage his or her individual work.

All teachers at Erdman Preschool have standard professional credentials, most with advanced degrees, and are licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care. All teachers participate in a minimum of 20 hours of professional development each year.

All have qualities of warmth, flexibility and sensitive regard for the uniqueness of each child. 

Our teachers create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that is structured enough to offer security, but open enough to foster creativity and independence. This is how children:

  • develop strong, healthy social skills
  • gain self-direction
  • learn resiliency and coping strategies
  • experience satisfaction from expressing their own ideas, completing tasks, and learning to care for and about others 

Promoting Independence

We believe that children feel best about themselves when they develop new skills and learn to do as much for themselves as possible. Our teachers are always alert to promote self-help skills and self-sufficiency.

The children learn to use materials and tools in a respectful and responsible manner so that they can choose them independently.
Parent - Teacher Conferences

Conferences are scheduled twice a year, or upon parent or teacher request. Frequent, open communication between family and school is in the best interest of the child and occurs on an informal basis each day at drop off and pick up times.

Pre-enrollment conferences are held with parents of all children the week before school begins. This enables teachers to learn some of the unique and special characteristics of each child so that they can individualize his or her school experience.

Sometimes it is not appropriate to discuss concerns with your child present so teachers and the Director are always available for conferences. Please contact us or speak with your teachers to set up a mutually convenient appointment time.

In addition to beginning of the year parent conferences and informal meetings as necessary, formal parent-teacher conferences are held in December for the Threes and in January for the Fours. All parents receive an end of the year summary report of their child’s progress. Conferences are not held at this time but may be scheduled if necessary.


Assessment of children’s progress is an on-going process and includes classroom observation, note taking, work sampling, screenings and developmental checklists.

We use The Work Sampling System (Dichtelmiller, Jablon, Dorfman, Marsden and Meisels, 1997) published by Pearson Education Inc. to assess and document skills, knowledge, behavior and accomplishments across a wide variety of curriculum areas. Work Sampling looks at seven categories, or domains, of classroom learning and experience. The seven domains are Personal and Social Development, Language and Literacy, Mathematical Thinking, Scientific Thinking, Social Studies, Arts and Physical Development. For more detailed information about these seven domains please read the Work Sampling posters in the school hallway. 

Teachers use a set of developmental guidelines to provide a framework for observation. The guidelines, based on national standards and knowledge of child development, set forth developmentally appropriate expectations for children at each age. 

We share assessment results with parents during our parent-teacher conference times and at the end of the year in the form of a written summary report of the 7 domains. 

Input from parents about their child’s progress is equally important. All parents should feel free to speak with teachers, and/or the director any time questions or concerns are present.

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Fundraisers, PAC Meetings, Open Houses - there's a lot happening at Erdman. 

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Children at Erdman paint, cook, build, sing, clean, share and play with others, and much more.

Why do we do certain activities?
Why are they important?

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