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Enrollment Procedures

Registration for the coming fall (2021-22 School Year) opens for current students, siblings and past Erdman families on January 4th, 2021. 

Class placement is based on the appropriate class selection and the date applications were received. When classes are filled applicants are placed on a wait list. (A lottery system may be used if more than one application has the same received date.)  

A $75 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration

Please contact us to schedule a visit to the school.  We accept applications starting in September for the following school year.  We are always available to discuss your questions and concerns about enrollment and class placement.

Tuition is payable by check or recurring bank payments only in ten installments as follows:

  • $75 non-refundable registration fee at the time of application.
  • First month’s tuition due by June 15.
  • Tuition payments due by the 15th of each month September through May
  • There is a $15 fee for all returned checks.

Tuition fees are not refundable unless the school and parents agree that it is in the child's best interest to no longer attend the school.  If a parent wishes to defer enrollment, for any reason, until later in the school year, monthly tuition must still be paid to hold child's placement in the class.  

Full tuition will be due if your child's class meets for more than one half of the scheduled class sessions in the month.  Fifty percent of the full tuition will be due if your child's class meets for half or fewer of the scheduled monthly sessions.  This will apply to full school closures as well as individual classroom closures.  Credit will be given if necessary .  If the school has closed for the full month, no tuition will be charged. 

If your child will miss school for any reason please call the Office to let us know. It is often difficult for a child to come into class late when everyone is busy or to leave early when activities are still in progress. We know that this is sometimes inevitable so it is also important to let us know if your child will be late to school or must leave early. This allows teachers to plan the day to include everyone.

Health Policy

Please remember that to insure the health of all children and to comply with state law, a standard medical form must be completed by your child’s doctor and returned to school by the first day. Failure to do so may delay your child’s entrance. The Director is always available to discuss your concerns or questions about the Health Care Policy.

It is imperative that you inform the school if your child suffers from allergies or medical conditions of any type. Our school strives to be “nut –free” as several children each year have potentially life-threatening allergies to peanuts, tree-nuts and several types of seeds and oils. We will not knowingly allow these foods to be brought to school for any reason. Labels are read carefully to insure that no food containing these ingredients is served at school for snack, during cooking activities or brought to Lunch Bunch. If an ingredient label states that the food has been, or may have been, processed in a plant or on equipment that also processes peanuts, or nuts of any kind, that food must not be brought to school.

If your child has an EpiPen for any reason, please bring it to the Office for safe storage. EpiPens may never stay in a child’s school bag. Allergies of all types must be noted on the medical form so that we can work to prevent the child from coming in contact with these allergies causing materials.

If your child must bring any kind of medication to school due to before or after school activities an adult must bring the medication to the Office upon arrival at school and an adult must pick it up when the child leaves school. This is the responsibility of the adult providing child care. It is not the teacher or Director’s responsibility. MEDICATION MAY NEVER STAY IN A CHILD’S SCHOOL BAG DURING THE SCHOOL DAY. 

If we must evacuate the building for any reason we will be sheltered at either the Gates Intermediate School or the Scituate Public Library. Emergency information and cell phones will be brought with us. Parents will be called to pick up their child as soon as possible.

We stress simple, but effective methods to reduce the spread of illness. Children are taught how to cover coughs and sneezes by coughing into their elbow and how to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and warm, running water. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers may also be used when necessary. 

Children should not attend school if flu like symptoms are present. A fever of 100.4 degrees and a cough or sore throat mean that your child must stay at home. Children must be fever-free without use of medication for 24 hours before they may return to school. Please speak to your health care provider if you have questions.
Behavioral Management Plan

All discipline and guidance shall be based on an understanding of the individual needs and development of each child. We are maximizing the growth and development of the children while protecting the group and the individuals within it. 

If a child behaves outside of the set limits, the teacher will quietly take the child aside and explain why the behavior is inappropriate and give suggestions to resolve it. A child may be removed from a particular activity for a period of time and redirected to more appropriate choices. As the child regains self-control, access to additional activities will be made available to him/her. 

We are consistent, fair, firm and understanding in order to help children develop self-control and problem solving abilities. Teachers focus on positive social behaviors and state limits, requests, suggestions and acknowledgements in a respectful and kind manner. 

Corporal punishment, including spanking, will never be used at Erdman. No child will be left unsupervised. No child shall be subjected to cruel and severe punishment, humiliation or verbal abuse. No child will be denied food or forced to eat or drink as a form of punishment and no child shall be punished for soiling, wetting or not using the toilet. 

Parents are informed of all behavior issues as soon as possible so that the school and home can work together to help the child. This would include conferencing with the parents and providing referral resources if necessary.
Leaving a Reluctant Child

If your child finds it difficult to separate from you in a new environment, be patient and understanding. Reassure him or her that you will return soon. If you and the teacher decide that you should stay in the room, sit in an inconspicuous spot and wait for your child to engage in an activity. You may stress that this is his time and place to play and you will sit quietly and watch. When she seems ready, say that you are leaving and will return soon. Be low-key but positive, confident and cheerful. When you leave please know that we will contact you if your child needs you.

Do not hesitate to ask the teachers for suggestions. They have had lots of experience with reluctant children. In almost every case, the child soon realizes that Erdman is a safe, interesting and fun place to be and feels very comfortable at school. Please remember that we are here for you and your child and will do all that we can to ease difficult transition.
Withdrawal / Termination / Suspension Procedures

The school may request that a child be withdrawn or suspended from the program if the health and safety of the child cannot be assured while at school and/or if the developmental needs of the child are not being met. Teachers will document their observations and discuss them with the Director. 

Parents will be asked to meet with the teachers and Director to discuss the reasons for termination and will be notified in writing as well. A copy of this letter will be kept in the child’s file. The Director will inform parents of the availability of information and referral for other services through the public school system. Additional referral resources are available in the school office. 

A child may also be suspended or asked to leave the program if tuition is more than three months in arrears or if the parents fail to provide requested information within a reasonable amount of time.

When a child is leaving the center, whether initiated by the school or the parents, the lead teacher will prepare the child for leaving in a manner consistent with the child’s ability to understand. For preschoolers, the teacher should talk with the child and other children about the departing child and simple reasons for the departure. 

“He will be going to a new school which can help him more.”
“She needs a different school to help her learn.”

Other suggested activities might include drawing pictures, writing stories or making a book about the school for the departing child. A photo of the child can be taken while involved in a favorite activity. The class can participate in a “Good-bye Party.”

Occasionally the child’s departure is sudden and the child and the school are not given an opportunity to say good-bye. The teacher will write a simple note of good-bye addressed to the child. Photos and /or drawings may be included. 

At Erdman it is always our goal to keep the child at school and we will work in good faith with the parents to achieve this using the steps described above.
Toileting Procedure

Children may use the toilet as often as they request. Teachers will respond quickly to a child’s request to use the toilet and will support the child’s emerging self-help skills and independence. If a toileting “accident” occurs the child will never be shamed, humiliated or embarrassed by the teacher. Rather, the teacher will provide a change of clothing for the child, either from home or from extra school clothing, and will assist the child if necessary. Soiled clothing will be double bagged in sealed plastic bags and sent home with the child on the same day. 

Children will wash their hands with liquid soap and warm running water after toileting. Staff members will also wash their hands with liquid soap and warm running water after assisting children or toileting themselves. Paper towels will be used to dry hands. 

Toilet training, if necessary, will be conducted in accordance with the parents’ requests and be consistent with the child’s physical and emotional abilities. 

Children will be supervised at all times during toileting by a class room teacher or the director.
Referral Procedures

If a staff member is concerned about a child’s development or behavior she will document her observations in writing and review her concerns with her co-teacher and Director. The teachers will meet with parents to notify them of their concern and will document this meeting in writing. They will summarize their observations and efforts made to accommodate the child’s needs. 

The Director and teachers will offer information about referral sources, including Ch. 766 contacts, to the parents who will be encouraged to call or request in writing an evaluation. If parents need extra support the school may, with written consent, contact the referral agency for them. 

The School shall inform parents of the availability of services and their rights, including the right to appeal, under Ch. 766. As a follow –up to a referral the director will, with written parental permission, contact the service provider who evaluated the child to obtain information that will allow the school to better meet the child’s needs. 

If it is determined that the child is not in need of services from the agency or is ineligible to receive services from the agency, the school will review the child’s progress every three months to determine if another referral is necessary. This review will be written by the child’s classroom teachers and Director. A copy will be given to parents and discussed during a conference with them and, when signed and dated, it will be placed in the child’s file.
Vacation / Holidays / Inclement Weather 

Erdman Preschool follows the Scituate Public School calendar for holidays and vacations. Please refer to our 2019-20 Calendar for specific dates.

If the Scituate schools are closed due to inclement weather or any other reason, Erdman will also be closed. You can check TV Channels 4, 5 and 7; Radio Stations WBZ-1030AM, WATD-95.9; and theBostonChannel.com or visit www.scituate.k12.ma.us

A one hour delay for the public schools means a one hour delay for Erdman. If the delay is greater than one hour Erdman will be closed for that morning session as well as for Lunch Bunch.  Afternoon sessions will still be held. You will be notified by phone if we must close for any other reason.

We do not refund tuition or make up days lost due to inclement weather.
Field Trips

There will be several trips during the school year to nearby places of interest. Parents will be asked to assist with driving and chaperoning. A permission slip with specific trip information will be sent home before each trip and must be returned to the teacher prior to the child’s participation. 

Transportation will be by private car. Parents must provide a car seat for their child in accordance with State law. Each child will be properly secured in a car seat or seat belt depending on age and weight. If a parent is unable or unwilling to provide a car seat, if required, that parent must drive his/her own child to the field trip.

Parents provide transportation. A class list will be available at the beginning of school so that parents may arrange carpools. Please inform us in writing of carpool arrangements. 

A note or a call is necessary before your child will be released to anyone other than those people listed on the Authorization and Consent Form.

Emergency Contingency Plan

The teachers and staff at Erdman Preschool are dedicated to the safety of all the children.  See our Emergency Contingency Plan for more information.
Parent Participation

Parents are a vital part of our school and are always welcome to visit the classroom and help with special projects, snacks and field trips. We encourage parents or other family members to share hobbies, collections, talents, professions and family or cultural traditions with our classes. 

Parents who participate as Lunch Bunch teachers, or in the classroom, on a regular basis may be required to complete CORI and Background Record Checks as determined by the MA Department of Early Education and Care.

Parent – teacher conferences are held at mid-year or upon parent or teacher request. Frequent, open communication between home and school benefits children, parents and teachers and allows issues or misunderstandings to be resolved in a timely fashion. 

Children’s records are available to parents at any time upon request. The school will provide copies at no charge. No record, in whole or part, will be released to anyone other than the parent or guardian without written parental consent. A log will be kept in each record documenting each release with names, dates and signatures.

The Parent Activities Committee offers programs of special interest to parents and children at various times during the school year. We welcome your suggestions of pertinent topics. Please contact the Committee chair if you wish to work on Committee projects.

Parent concerns and suggestions for the school, written or verbal, are welcome at any time. Each May parents have the opportunity to do a written evaluation of the program which is reviewed by the Director, teachers and the Board of Directors. 

If differences or problems arise during the year the parent should first meet with the teachers so that both parties can clearly understand the issue involved and seek ways to reach a solution that will be in the best interest of the child. If the parents are not satisfied with the outcome of the parent-teacher conference they should immediately contact the Director to arrange a meeting. Parents, Director and teachers will work together to resolve the issue. 

Please remember that no question or concern is too “small” to mention. We are here for you, your child and your family and will arrange a time to discuss any issue of concern to you.



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